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Motion as Paralysis in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road

On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, (1957) is arguably the best-known Beat Generation text. It embodies the rejection of the 1940s and 1950s notions of …

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Christmas, a time for pardon?

In Christmas time, Australia is undergoing its ordinary policies of migrants detention at Christmas Island. Refugees and forcibly displaced detained in those contemporary concentration camps …

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Como a Arte e a Dança podem ajudar na Inclusão da Pessoa com Deficiência

Nowadays we still see regular schools rejecting or dismissing students with disabilities, or even worse, accepting those students, but excluding them inside the classroom, with …

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La speranza nell’amicizia ne Il Sentiero dei nidi di ragno

In his novel The path to the Nest of Spiders (Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno,) Italo Calvino represents the sufferings of the protagonist child …

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Presente de Natal

Some days before Christmas, Brazil receives news that may bring hope concerning the reception of a current expectation: progress. The ANVISA (National Agency of Sanitary …

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A Cultura da Violência

This article provides a generic and current diagnosis of Brazilian violence, covering national data for the years 2012 and 2013. Some comparisons are made only …

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O ensino de Filosofia nas escolas brasileiras: que caminho percorrer?

In Brazil, Philosophy spent almost fifty years away from official schools’ curricula. In 2008, it was reintroduced after a long struggle, waged since the time …

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Derechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedad

Violencia en Mesoamérica: un espejo de la realidad.

Ayotzinapa no es una masacre más que quedó archivada y que no se agregó impunemente a la macabra estadística mesoamericana de homicidios. La muerte de …

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Política y Economía

Women Hawkers , Sign of Progress or Recession?

These days, a growing number of women are obliged to assume hawking as a way of economically sustaining their life, and this phenomenon is particularly …

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Artes y culturaArtes y culturaArtes y culturaArtes y cultura

Les Mots ou François Truffaut

To François Truffaut life passes through the text, taking the form of confrontation, distance, obsession or combustion. That’s why he organized compulsively registers of all of …

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