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Nenhum a Menos: Alunos Repulsivos ou Educação Repulsiva?

The article No One Less: Repulsive Students or Repulsive Education? discuss the teacher-student relation as one of the main topics of Education and approaches how …

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Girl’s Education in Kenya’s Arid-Semi Arid Zones

             The Kenyan Government has made spirited efforts to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and Education For All (EFA) …

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Crítica cultural e mídia

There´s a paradox in the center of the Brazilian culture. At the same that it´s recognised all around the world by its richness and plurality, …

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“Quão bárbaros!” “Quão excêntricos!” – A publicidade de outra época

Ever wondered how the communications were made in the Middle Ages? In a time when there was no press or telecommunications, how could people receive …

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Sonho e Realidade em A Hora do Lobo

Em A Hora do Lobo (1966) Johan Borg e sua esposa vivem numa ilha, isolados do resto do mundo. Ele tem devaneios nos quais vê …

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Seja no chá, seja no sexo: consentimento é tudo

If someone said “yes” to tea around your house last Saturday, that doesn’t mean that they want you to make them tea all the time. …

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A citizen of Internetland

Don’t go too far for the women’s day! Following is an interview with cartoonist, illustrator and creator of comic books Mana Neyestani. He was born …

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Derechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedad

L’évasion sans fin

Reportage écrit par Julie López (reportage paru chez Plaza Pública le 11/02/2015). Traduit par José Guerra. “Quédate” (« Reste »), la campagne que le gouvernement guatémaltèque a …

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Política y Economía

Destroy and Obscure: US Foreign Policy Choices in the Age of the Islamic State

The liberal intellectual class often suggests that the violence perpetrated by the Islamic State is unique in its scope and barbarism. This rhetorical framework subtly …

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Artes y culturaArtes y culturaArtes y culturaArtes y cultura

Leonilson: Verdades e Mentiras

Leonilson So many days, 1989 Tinta preta sobre papel 29,5 x 21,0 cm Foto: Rubens Chiri O desenho é a forma de criação de imagem …

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