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Entre le rap et la sociologie à la recherche de l’homme postmoderne

The postmodern condition is a polemical subject which allows very diverse approaches. The sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman dealt with this question in his book …

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Politics and Economy

Los laberintos oníricos de la democracia guatemalteca.

  En la situación actual de agitación social en Guatemala, la renuncia de la Vicepresidenta de Guatemala, Roxanna Baldetti, con el pedido de más transparencia …

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The forgotten South: Politics and Education in Guyana

Conquering its independence in 1966 from the United Kingdom, Guyana remains a forgotten country in South American political mainstream. While the most part of South American …

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La Perte du Cinéma

             Since the end of XIX century art gains autonomy regarding classic subjects and forms of representation. As it becomes …

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Arts and cultureArts and cultureArts and culture

A Importância Da Ficção

 “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the …

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Rights and societyRights and societyRights and societyRights and society

A formação em engenharia como exemplo da necessidade de uma renovação humanista do ensino profissionalizante

Although the need for a formation in humanities and social sciences in engineering schools has become moot point for many in the training of professionals …

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