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O sonho bom

We went to Zerbini’s studio and there it was, against the wall, the same painting I had seen a month before. It was august and the canvas, according to him, had been there since February. Big landscape canvas, filled with details, obsessively worked on, like other of the equally big and figurative paintings that he does. It seemed to be finished, however as soon as we started our positive considerations regarding the results obtained, our compliments, he interrupted us saying that it was not yet ready. The image lacked total finishing and he was engaged, concentrated, to accomplish the task. In arts, the saying is old : sculptures are easy to start and difficult to finish and paintings, easy to start and difficult to finish.

Texto por Leda Catunda

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Educating for politics

Finland recently published modifications in the structure of public schools. One of the changes was to put an end to the structure of « disciplines », the result of an intense discussion on the long term education of students. Either radical or not the decision, it is important to preserve the critics on the current model of Education, at least in the Brazilian case. The Brazilian model, governed by strict rules of the field of education hinders the humanistic and pluralistic method of learning, instead, there is an excessive concern with the technical training of the student, with the aim to prepare them to evaluation tests (such as FUVEST) for university access. Even this purpose, training for university access, has not been successfully achieved by public schools.

Text by Larissa Barbosa Nicolosi Soares

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