Today, national and international press aims to cover news with the intent to inform our societies of everyday life events and we recognize the great importance of their work. We believe, however, that one cannot view the present, without due consideration for history and for the foundation of the world that surrounds us without compromising the validity of any possible judgments on the most important current debates.

With a desire to change this framework, we have created a newspaper that is intended to be both current and critical: a project that mainly seeks to provide tools for people willing to reinforce and create autonomous judgments. With this motivation, we propose to publish three texts a week on Sundays. Topics will be distributed between three sections ‹‹ Rights and Society ››, ‹‹ Arts and Culture ›› and ‹‹ Politics and Economy ›› to cover major contemporary issues as well as to remember their foundations.

Concerned also with the need to democratize the access to information, we have decided that our publications should be regularly available in different languages. Thus, each text will be published in the author’s language of preference and accompanied by an English summary.

Cultura Crítica thereby hopes to be a periodical that promotes the enrichment of current debates. We want this to be a newspaper for the twenty-first century – a newspaper for all.

Cultura Crítica Staff

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