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Arthur A. Catraio was born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Philosopher and Political Scientist, with a master in Philosophy and Society by the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, he specialized in International law through clinics at Oxford University and Harvard Law School.

Artes y cultura

O Rap e a luta indígena do século XXI: Entrevista com Luanko

Neste mês de Maio a equipe do Cultura Crítica entrevistou o rapper mapuche Gonzalo Luanko, popularmente conhecido como ‘Luanko’, para saber mais de sua história. …

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Política y Economía

Le procès européen des politiques migratoires

‹‹ K. ›› wakes up one day in the middle of a typical week being accused by a court. But he doesn’t know this court. …

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Education For All in sub-Saharan Africa: A Mirage?

Many sub-Saharan African countries have put great efforts towards the attainment of the goals of Education For All (EFA) as determined and agreed upon at …

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The forgotten South: Politics and Education in Guyana

Conquering its independence in 1966 from the United Kingdom, Guyana remains a forgotten country in South American political mainstream. While the most part of South American …

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The long path for Education

Salome and Jackson are siblings of about 11 years old from a rural region of Kenya, their daily morning starts with a manual digging in …

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“Quão bárbaros!” “Quão excêntricos!” – A publicidade de outra época

Ever wondered how the communications were made in the Middle Ages? In a time when there was no press or telecommunications, how could people receive …

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Seja no chá, seja no sexo: consentimento é tudo

If someone said “yes” to tea around your house last Saturday, that doesn’t mean that they want you to make them tea all the time. …

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Christmas, a time for pardon?

In Christmas time, Australia is undergoing its ordinary policies of migrants detention at Christmas Island. Refugees and forcibly displaced detained in those contemporary concentration camps …

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Derechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedad

Consciência Negra e Inconsciência Nacional

In Brazil it still is quite ordinary to use the expression, literally translated, ‘iron yourself’ (se ferrar) as a means to curse someone.  But it …

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