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Always interested in visual arts and film, Rita Catunda studied Social Communication, specialized in film by Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado –FAAP in São Paulo and now follows her studies in Arts and Languages at l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales – EHESS in Paris.

Um Utopista nos Trópicos

            In the middle of Brazil’s intellectual scene, Eduardo Giannetti is a singular kind. His last book – Trópicos Utópicos: Uma perspectiva brasileira da crise …

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Exposição sobre Antonio Benetazzo no Centro Cultural São Paulo

Antonio Benetazzo – Permanências do Sensível – Exposição em Cartaz no CCSP (Centro Cultural São Paulo)  É necessário lembrar constantemente das atrocidades ocorridas no passado …

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Vidéodrome (Cronemberg, 1983)

Videodrome (Cronemberg, 1983) was conceived in an important moment of changes in audiovisual language, caused mostly by the arrival of tv satellites, videoclips and videocassettes. One …

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La Perte du Cinéma

             Since the end of XIX century art gains autonomy regarding classic subjects and forms of representation. As it becomes …

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Sonho e Realidade em A Hora do Lobo

In The Hour of the Wolf (Bergman, 1966), Johan Borg and his wife live in an island, secluded from the rest of the world. He …

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Relatos Selvagens: O Prazer de Perder o Controle

Relatos Selvagens tem como tema a perda do controle. Entre drama e comédia o filme é constituído por seis episódios autônomos, começando sempre com situações a …

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Rights and society

Culture and human rationality: the construction of a social morality

The fiery speeches made by – so many! – experts in international affairs, Islamic faith and ethnic and religious tolerance has been filling journal pages …

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Marguerite Duras et la Mer

  « The sea is one of most frequent images, one of the most frequent nightmares, in my head. Few people, I think, know it like me, I …

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Arts and cultureArts and cultureArts and cultureArts and cultureArts and cultureArts and cultureArts and culture

Les Mots ou François Truffaut

To François Truffaut life passes through the text, taking the form of confrontation, distance, obsession or combustion. That’s why he organized compulsively registers of all of …

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