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Carrancas do Sertão: Signos de Ontem e de Hoje

This article makes reference to the figureheads, sculptures in wood, used in the boats of the submedium São Francisco River since the late nineteenth century; their …

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Arte entre véus

Whether through a metaphor or not, many art occur behind veils. Veils look after works that are too sensible to the world, which suffers from …

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L’agenda inavouable du coup d’État au Brésil

La réflexion sur la crise brésilienne actuelle dans une perspective internationale ne décline pas la responsabilité du gouvernement brésilien pour les erreurs commises. Cependant, la …

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O dilema alemão: política migratória e segurança nacional

On the last New Year’s Eve some cities in Germany faced a series of assaults towards women in public places. During the following days the …

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Attentats de Paris : une occasion pour s’engager

Dans cet article, un parisien d’adoption, qui a décidé de rester anonyme, essaie de mettre un peu d’ordre dans la masse d’informations avec laquelle on …

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Education For All in sub-Saharan Africa: A Mirage?

Many sub-Saharan African countries have put great efforts towards the attainment of the goals of Education For All (EFA) as determined and agreed upon at …

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O sonho bom

We went to Zerbini’s studio and there it was, against the wall, the same painting I had seen a month before. It was august and …

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Politique et ÉconomiePolitique et Économie

Educating for politics

Finland recently published modifications in the structure of public schools. One of the changes was to put an end to the structure of « disciplines », the …

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Arts et culture

A Importância Da Ficção

 « I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the …

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Droits et sociétéDroits et sociétéDroits et société

A formação em engenharia como exemplo da necessidade de uma renovação humanista do ensino profissionalizante

Although the need for a formation in humanities and social sciences in engineering schools has become moot point for many in the training of professionals …

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