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Carrancas do Sertão: Signos de Ontem e de Hoje

Este trabalho tem como referência as carrancas, esculturas em madeira utilizadas como figuras de proa nas barcas do submédio rio São Francisco desde o final …

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Arte entre véus

Whether through a metaphor or not, many art occur behind veils. Veils look after works that are too sensible to the world, which suffers from …

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O dilema alemão: política migratória e segurança nacional

On the last New Year’s Eve some cities in Germany faced a series of assaults towards women in public places. During the following days the …

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Attentats de Paris : une occasion pour s’engager

In this article, an adoptive Parisian, who has decided to stay anonymous, tries to put some order into the big amount of information with which …

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O sonho bom

We went to Zerbini’s studio and there it was, against the wall, the same painting I had seen a month before. It was august and …

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Política y Economía

Educating for politics

Finland recently published modifications in the structure of public schools. One of the changes was to put an end to the structure of “disciplines”, the …

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Artes y cultura

A Importância Da Ficção

    “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life …

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A formação em engenharia como exemplo da necessidade de uma renovação humanista do ensino profissionalizante

Although the need for a formation in humanities and social sciences in engineering schools has become moot point for many in the training of professionals …

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The following text is an essay in favor of a critical-liberating curriculum. To support this position, it’s argumentation begins with the acknowledgement of the politicity …

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"10 years old Dipa and 12 years old Laboni study in class 2 at "Unique Child learning Center", Mirmur-Dhaka, Bangladesh" by GMR Akash - UNESCO. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0-igo via Wikimedia Commons -,_Mirmur-Dhaka,_Bangladesh.jpg#/media/File:10_years_old_Dipa_and_12_years_old_Laboni_study_in_class_2_at_%22Unique_Child_learning_Center%22,_Mirmur-Dhaka,_Bangladesh.jpg
Derechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedadDerechos y sociedad

Challenges for Education in Bangladesh

Education empowers, gives choices, and a voice to the disadvantaged; it also promotes health by teaching students about good health practices, and in these ways …

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