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O Rap e a luta indígena do século XXI: Entrevista com Luanko

Neste mês de Maio a equipe do Cultura Crítica entrevistou o rapper mapuche Gonzalo Luanko, popularmente conhecido como ‘Luanko’, para saber mais de sua história. …

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Education For All in sub-Saharan Africa: A Mirage?

Many sub-Saharan African countries have put great efforts towards the attainment of the goals of Education For All (EFA) as determined and agreed upon at …

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Politica e Economia

Los laberintos oníricos de la democracia guatemalteca.

  En la situación actual de agitación social en Guatemala, la renuncia de la Vicepresidenta de Guatemala, Roxanna Baldetti, con el pedido de más transparencia …

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The forgotten South: Politics and Education in Guyana

Conquering its independence in 1966 from the United Kingdom, Guyana remains a forgotten country in South American political mainstream. While the most part of South American …

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A formação em engenharia como exemplo da necessidade de uma renovação humanista do ensino profissionalizante

Although the need for a formation in humanities and social sciences in engineering schools has become moot point for many in the training of professionals …

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The following text is an essay in favor of a critical-liberating curriculum. To support this position, it’s argumentation begins with the acknowledgement of the politicity …

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The long path for Education

Salome and Jackson are siblings of about 11 years old from a rural region of Kenya, their daily morning starts with a manual digging in …

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"10 years old Dipa and 12 years old Laboni study in class 2 at "Unique Child learning Center", Mirmur-Dhaka, Bangladesh" by GMR Akash - UNESCO. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0-igo via Wikimedia Commons -,_Mirmur-Dhaka,_Bangladesh.jpg#/media/File:10_years_old_Dipa_and_12_years_old_Laboni_study_in_class_2_at_%22Unique_Child_learning_Center%22,_Mirmur-Dhaka,_Bangladesh.jpg

Challenges for Education in Bangladesh

Education empowers, gives choices, and a voice to the disadvantaged; it also promotes health by teaching students about good health practices, and in these ways …

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Education et Autonomie

How, based on an autonomous activity that doesn’t yet exist, to conceive an education that aims at developing autonomy? It is this “impossible” task that …

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Education Quality and its debates: perspectives from Costa Rica

Abstract: The article reflects on the global agenda on education, particularly in regard to the “quality education” and visions and debates that underlie their interpretation, …

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