O ensino de Filosofia nas escolas brasileiras: que caminho percorrer?

In Brazil, Philosophy spent almost fifty years away from official schools’ curricula. In 2008, it was reintroduced after a long struggle, waged since the time …

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Violencia en Mesoamérica: un espejo de la realidad.

Ayotzinapa is not another massacre left in forgotten archives and yet another statistic free of consequences in the Mesoamerican region. The death of the 43 …

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Les Mots ou François Truffaut

Pour François Truffaut la vie passe toujours par le texte, à la fois sous la forme de confrontation, distance, obsession ou combustion. C’est pourquoi il …

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Women Hawkers , Sign of Progress or Recession?

These days, a growing number of women are obliged to assume hawking as a way of economically sustaining their life, and this phenomenon is particularly …

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Droits et sociétéDroits et société

Egyptian women and sexual harassment: Restricting social justice by conforming to gender stereotypes and expectations

In light of the Arab Spring, the Egyptian people have been struggling to obtain political, social and economic stability. Through this struggle, sexual harassment has …

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Politique et ÉconomiePolitique et Économie

Une double voie pour affronter l’ignorance

Une enquête sur l’ignorance des individus à propos des sujets centraux pour la démocratie a été divulguée le 29 octobre par le quotidien anglais The …

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Arts et cultureArts et cultureArts et culture

“Non aspettavano altro”: la difesa del territorio e l’azione della folla

In the short story « Non aspettavano altro » (1958), the Italian writer Dino Buzzati represents the misery of two travellers that, having arrived at an unknown …

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Consciência Negra e Inconsciência Nacional

In Brazil it still is quite ordinary to use the expression, literally translated, ‘iron yourself’ (se ferrar) as a means to curse someone.  But it …

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