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The forgotten South: Politics and Education in Guyana

Conquering its independence in 1966 from the United Kingdom, Guyana remains a forgotten country in South American political mainstream. While the most part of South American countries present a considerable progress on school enrollment and adult’s illiteracy reduction, Guyana stands at the top of non-school enrollment and adult illiteracy: it has an impressive 572% bigger rate of out-of-school children than Brazil for a 26187.9% smaller population. A common project of a stronger regional political cooperation among South American countries would very likely be profitable to Guyanese domestic scopes and constitutional legal premises. It could be argue that being a country in the Caribbean region, the national de facto detachment from South America would be strategical. We want to show the reasons for this detachment, why it is not strategical, and unveil the colonial roots of this antiquate practice.

Text by Arthur Catraio

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Christmas, a time for pardon?

In Christmas time, Australia is undergoing its ordinary policies of migrants detention at Christmas Island. Refugees and forcibly displaced detained in those contemporary concentration camps face moral dilemmas from which we could learn of. Pardon could be a valuable lesson for democracies. Continuer la lecture