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Ética, Educação e Cidadania: Reassumindo o mundo

When there is a lack of ethics, corruption, usually politicians are blamed, when there is a lack of education, usually the parents, the school and the teachers are blamed, and when there is a lack of citizenship, it seems that it is the fault of the alien, the other, that does not know how to behave here. We will see that these preconceptions lead us to the path of the self exempt responsibility. Ethics, education and citizenship have in common: prepare us for action. On the one hand, these are topics of easy and recurrent communication, on the other hand, they are matters of grave, complex and difficult attitude. Compulsory in the curriculum of life, ethics, education and citizenship are everyone’s responsibility, and also result from the past decisions from those who are already dead. It is necessary to reassume the world.

Text by Larissa Barbosa Nicolosi Soares

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Como a Arte e a Dança podem ajudar na Inclusão da Pessoa com Deficiência

Nowadays we still see regular schools rejecting or dismissing students with disabilities, or even worse, accepting those students, but excluding them inside the classroom, with little or none curricular adaptation. Through dance teaching, we can provide image enhancement and body awareness of the student as well as their creativity, expressiveness, motor and cognitive skills, and promote self-assertion and enhancement of self-esteem. Art can thus be the gateway to the improvement of human relations and construction of a more just and equal society.

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