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La speranza nell’amicizia ne Il Sentiero dei nidi di ragno

In his novel The path to the Nest of Spiders (Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno,) Italo Calvino represents the sufferings of the protagonist child during the Second World War. At that time also the little boys have been thrown in condition of poverty and they have had to get by. In this article, based on the theorie of the philosopher Ernst Bloch, we analyse the Pin’s hope in face of the experienced difficulties.

Disegno di Rita Catunda

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“Non aspettavano altro”: la difesa del territorio e l’azione della folla

In the short story « Non aspettavano altro » (1958), the Italian writer Dino Buzzati represents the misery of two travellers that, having arrived at an unknown city, suffer violence from its inhabitants. Considering the contemporary pertinency of the theme, we propose in this article an analysis of Buzzati’s story based on the theories of the crowd and the public space.

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