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The Nubians, Egypt’s invisible people: Removing a nation through neglect and assimilation

In contemporary media, it seems impossible to avoid buzzwords like “human rights” and “violations” or to see pages upon pages of reported violence and death. It is no different in Egypt, as the country continues to struggle with both internal and external conflict. But in the midst of all the violence, voices are also silenced. How can a country progress beyond what it has known, if it refuses to acknowledge and recognize all of its people and their history? Continuer la lecture

Egyptian women and sexual harassment: Restricting social justice by conforming to gender stereotypes and expectations

In light of the Arab Spring, the Egyptian people have been struggling to obtain political, social and economic stability. Through this struggle, sexual harassment has become a popular topic of discussion when assessing Egypt’s progression in relation to the international community. This article attempts to briefly examine how women may restrict the social justice they seek by conforming to gender stereotyping, expectations and socialization.

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